Mark Webber Documentary- You Can’t Stop What is Coming.

Mark Webber has been one of those drivers that I’ve followed intently since I first became interested in Formula 1. I’ve always found myself inspired by drivers who have been rated as ‘underdogs’, but clearly have massive talent and work ethic.

Webber reminds me of a modern Nigel Mansell, in the way that his career has developed through motorsport. Throughout his career, he has not always had the most competitive car. However, his ‘never-say-die’ attitude really has helped to keep his head above the water.

Now racing for Red-Bull Racing, he has his hands on one of the most competitive cars on the grid. If not for the efforts of Sebastian Vettel last year, I’m sure that Mark would have won the driver’s championship in 2010. He’s one of my favorite drivers, and regardless of his results, I’ll always like him.

For those who don’t know much about Webber, I’ve found a short documentary about him.

Mark Webber- Always punching above his weight

Give it a watch.

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