GP2 Series Champ crowned and more problems for Lotus Renault GP.

Romain Grosjean becomes GP2 Champion!

Romain Grosjean!!! Some might remember Romain from 2009 where he filled in for Nelson Piquet Jnr after he was dismissed from Renault (then ING Renault F1). Romain was dominant for most of the season, apart from having the off mishap at the start.

Some questioned his ability in 2009, but remember in each race in 2009 where his team-mate was twice Formula One World Champion, Fernando Alonso; Romain managed to qualify within 0.5 seconds of Fernando, and for a rookie, that’s not bad.

Okay, he had a few knocks and many front wing’s needed to be used, but hey, he had a bad car and he got the most out of it.

After 2009, Romain spent 2010 on the sidelines, taking time out from the media spotlight by taking drives in AutoGP, LeMans 24 Hours and the FIA GT1 Championship.

He took the AutoGP title in style; finishing 16 points clear and only entering 8 races out of a possible 12. Romain was always favored by Lotus Renault GP team boss, Eric Boullier.

He was featured in Eric’s Gravity Sport Management Program for young drivers. Jerome D’Ambrosio is one such past driver who now races for Marussia Virgin Racing.

Romain made a come back in 2011 driving in the GP2 Main and Asia series for DAMS. He also became Lotus Renault GP’s Test Driver and at one point, was in contention for Robert Kubica’s seat after his injury. We all wish Robert a happy return to motorsport. And now, Renault have more problems with driver choice.

Now that Nick Heidfeld is out of favor pending a legal challenge from his lawyers, Romain may get to race this year. Boullier has always made it clear that he would like to put Romain in the R31 some point this year, but who knows.

Becoming the 2011 GP2 Champion, seriously does help matters though.


What’s Going on with Heidfield/Lotus-Renault GP?

Nick Heidfeld’s situation could turn into Perry McCarthy’s situation while he was at Andrea Moda. During 1992, only four race drivers were permitted (just like 2011), and when Perry was entered, he was the final driver Andrea Moda was allowed to use.

To be honest, Perry was treated like crap. The team never set up his car, only let him have one lap per session. And, to top it off, Andrea Moda never allowed him to race because it would cost money and as Perry didn’t bring any money to the team, unlike his team-mate, there was no point.

I can see something like this happening to Heidfeld. The whole paddock knows Nick only wants to drive, as he is not interested in money – money that could be spent on a full time seat next year.

There will be a hostile situation inside Lotus Renault GP in the coming weeks, something that is only going to get worse if Nick Heidfeld makes a return.

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