Michael Schumacher F1’s Career starts and ends with Mercedes Benz

Few people know about this, but Michael Schumacher’s entrance into Formula 1 was supported by Mercedes Benz. In 1990, along with Karl Wendlinger and Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Schumacher joined the World Sports-Prototype Championship. (Basically, he was racing Group C cars).

This was designed to be a strategy, much like Paul Di-Resta’s DTM career, to gain Michael more exposure on an international racing scene. When Michael was provided the opportunity to move into Formula 1 with Jordan, Mercedes help to support that transition.

Now Schumi is racing for the Three-Pointed Star, in his second coming as a F1 driver. I’ve already shared my thoughts on whether he can cut the mustard. However, it is ironic to see that his career begun and will end in essence with the same team.

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