Nigel Mansell’s first test in a CART IndyCar World Series Car

Man, with the F1 season on break, I’m finding myself digging deeper and deeper into the past.

In 1992, Nigel Mansell won the Formula 1 World Championship for Williams. (Man, it seems so long ago since Williams have done well). In 1993,  Mansell left the world of F1, and made a move to CART. He wanted to see if he could take on the world’s best in America (which he did, becoming the 1993 Champion).

However, his move into CART was not the smoothest as IndyCar racers wondered if he could hang in this different form of single-seater racing. Here is a video of Nigel Mansell’s first test in a CART IndyCar, narrated by Murray Walker.

You can hear the hesitation in “his” pit-team’s voices, as they got used to the bold style of “il Leone”.  However, it all worked out in the end, Mansell’s entrance into CART IndyCar brought some of the most exciting IndyCar battles that the sport has ever seen.  (In my opinion, Mansell was my favorite Indy Car driver, next to only Will Power and Alex Zanardi.)

Of course with Nigel, if he wasn’t battling, he wasn’t alive.

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