Has anyone seen the series ‘Ex-Driver?’ It’s an automotive anime from a few years back. The setting is based in the future, where the traffic system has been automated by artificial intelligence. (Wait, it does get interesting, I promise!)

People have been removed from the equation as the cars drive themselves. As the traffic system is regulated, occasionally the AI systems regulating the cars would fall off the grid, which will cause the cars go out of control.

Basically, the main characters of the series actually drive their own gasoline powered cars  around and attempt to stop the AI cars from going out of control. The characters drive mostly European cars, such as the Caterham 7, Lancia Stratos and Lotus Europa, and it’s the classic ‘kid driver saving the city from danger’ story.

The music is corny, the dialogue is a bit stiff, but the main character drives a Caterham, so I can’t not love this series. It’s only 6 episodes, so jump on Youtube and give it a watch.

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