Nürburgring Driving Academy Formula Car on track — Video

Check this out.  Andre Gülden, the chief driving instructor of the Nürburgring Driving Academy takes one of the formula cars around the North Course on a demonstration run.

I’ve been interested more in the Nurburgring, since learning about the financial struggles that the track has been facing. The Nurburgring has been under turmoil, due to some poor management decisions in the last two years.

A campaign group called, “Save the Ring” has been pushing hard to raise money to save the classic road-car track, and to also have the management replaced.

This is a cause that I support, especially because I haven’t had a chance to drive the track yet! (Outside of Gran Turismo 4)

-Save the Ring on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Nürburgring Driving Academy Formula Car on track — Video

  1. the Ring is soooo much better in person compared to any simulation (ie. GT4)…the elevation changes really caught me off guard – I hope to get back there sometime…it was one of my most memorable trips!

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