The Importance of Driver Enthusiasm-Video

This video was taken on Jenson and Lewis on the build up for the British Grand Prix. While that race has been over and done with, I’m featuring it for an entirely different reason.

What this video really shows is the passionate and fighting spirit that these two guys have for racing. It shows how important it is to have a strong support team around you, as you’re developing and fighting for a dream. As a driver, or as just someone who loves racing, you have to show enthusiasm, as the challenges before you can be so great.

As you watch this video, take a moment and think about what excites you about the things that you love to do in life.

Use that as your energy to move to the next level.


Sidenote: I promise, I do have some more ‘driving-technique posts coming up soon. I just need to make some time to finish one of them off.

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