Racing Simulators- Driving aid or fancy toy? (Videos)

Those of us who are passionate about improving our driving skill, like myself, use every aid at our disposal to unlock more of our driving abilities. Simulators are one way to develop good mental programming in order to condition your mind to think and perform in certain ways under racing conditions.

They also provide the added benefit of allowing you take greater risk than on the actual race track, to experiment on what would happen if I took Corner “A” on Line “B”.

Now people like me with, how you say, a “limited budget” use things like Xbox games, and playing RFactor to simulate the racing environment as much as possible. But how do the professionals do it? Check out the videos after the jump to see some examples of some professional racing simulators.

I need one of these. (Videos after the jump)

One thought on “Racing Simulators- Driving aid or fancy toy? (Videos)

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