GoKarting- A newfound love.

When it comes down to it, all of us at the Starting Grid aim to be better drivers. We all have different reasons for why we race and want to improve.

Personally I drive, simply because I love to do it. It is what motivates me. It is my passion. In the group, I’m the guy who has most of the technical driving technique literature, the guy who spends the most time talking about psychological triggers when racing and the guy who focuses on getting in the “Zone” at all times.

I have my own goals of wanting to be involved in wheel to wheel racing, and developing a career in the motorsports industry, so whenever I get a chance to go karting, autocross or at the large race track I get a sense of fulfillment.

This weekend, I spent sometime at Pacific Grand Prix in Kent, which is an outdoor go-karting track. I just got involved with karting a year ago, and I love it. It has been the most dynamic driver training that I’ve ever done, not to mention that it’s fun as hell.

(See more pictures after the jump)

The community of karters are always so open to help you improve on your driving technique, so you’re never without something to work on. Having spent the last year doing indoor kart racing, the outdoor track is exciting, because of the constantly changing track surface, more room and higher speeds.

I spent some time up there this past weekend, in one of the league races, and during my races it would rain lightly, then dry, then rain again! I got some of my first experience with a track that would get faster, then slower, then faster again.

I loved the seat time, and the great thing about PGP is that the track layout allows them to run several different layouts. Also they keep the karts in great condition, so I was able to get similar laptimes in different karts.

The next league race is on May 14th, and I’ll for sure be coming back. Everytime I go, I become a better driver. It’s like the perfect place for me!

Except for the big track that’s right around the corner. 😉 *Cough, Spec Miata, Cough*

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