You Can’t Do This: Ryuichi Kiyonari – WSBK Donington

You know, it takes a brave soul to drive a car in the rain at full tilt. Four tires searching for grip, the tread bending, stretching, straaaaaining trying to find any sort of dry surface to cling to. The driver, feeling the car through only his/her rear end, back, and hands, must make corrections for every slight slip or twitch. A gentle feel for the throttle and soft, smooth, buttery application of the brakes to fight the car’s stubborn actions while plowing through a turn at the very limit.

But imagine, if you will, trying all of this on a motorcycle…

Ryuichi Kiyonari.

Former World SuperBike rider, Suzuka 8 hour winner, and 3 time British SuperBike Champion (2006, 2007, 2010). It’s more than likely you’ve never heard of him before. That’s okay because, to be honest, I hadn’t either. Not until I started paying more attention to what it takes to ride one of these machines.

Check the video. And don’t act like you’re not impressed…

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