Driver of the Weekend: Vitaly Petrov

This weekend had a lot of epic races. However the driver of the weekend for me was Vitaly Petrov, taking his first ever (See: First Russian ever) Formula 1 podium for Lotus-Renault. Qualified well (P6), and raced great! (P3). Also, the guy has the “BEST”  post-race interview face that I have ever seen. Only guy I know who literally looks exhausted listening to Sebastian Vettel’s chattering.  (That earns way more points than his race-finish, in our books)

We have a review of the Australian Grand Prix coming up soon, so I’m not going to get into too much detail, but I wanted to give Vitaly a photo-applause! Nice work! (Hopefully, he’ll keep driving well and keep Eric Boullier quiet). The only bumble he made the whole weekend was parking in the wrong space in parc-ferme!

Thanks to LAT Photographic: for the images


Sorry for the inverted image here. Hopefully, it’ll keep it from being taken down. Check out Petrov’s face the entire time. Classic!

Vitaly 1 on 1 interview

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