Jaguar F1 Team- Sponsored by Becks.

Today is St. Patricks Day, we have a racing team adorned in green, and sponsored by Becks. Talk about a freebie topic. 😉

You can’t have a St. Patrick’s Day and not talk about Jaguar. Just to give a bit of background on the Jaguar Formula 1 Racing team, it was formerly Jackie Stewart’s “Stewart Grand Prix” team now purchased by Ford.  In 2000, Ford renamed the team to raise interest toward their premier brand, Jaguar. However, as a racing team they never really came up to par in the Formula 1 arena.

That didn’t mean they didn’t bring anything exciting to the table. “Drivers included Eddie Irvine from 2000–2002, Johnny Herbert in 2000, Luciano Burti for a few races in 2001 and the Austrian GP in 2000, Pedro de la Rosa in 2001 and 2002, Antônio Pizzonia in 2003 until Hockenheim, Mark Webber in 2003 and 2004, Justin Wilson from Hockenheim to the end of 2003, and Christian Klien in 2004.” – Wikpedia

Jaguar competed in the sport for five years, before being bought out by Red Bull, and the rest we know as history.

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